Drawing Room Interior Design

Your drawing room is often the first room of your house which you commonly use to entertain your guests. So, this room creates an impression of your entire house and its interior decoration. We suggest your drawing room should look and feel grand, elegant and above all comfortable. At Zing Design, our aim is to make your first room appear spacious, well designed in accordance with the aesthetics, with well-balanced and contrasting colors.

We firmly believe that this room should reflect the personality of the family members which can make it a warm and inviting living room where guests can feel comfortable and easy. Regardless of its size, it should serve a dual purpose of being a space for relaxation and entertainment. Our professionals concentrate on each and every aspect of the room as per the requirement of the client and in accordance with their budget. So, budget is not the issue if you’re at Zing Design. We have ideas, plans and designs for every space, size and budget.

For customized approach, you can contact our professionals at Zing Design who will help you decide the right décor,color scheme and style to create a warm and welcoming space where you, your family and your guests can relax and enjoy.

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